POSTED February 28 2012

Angelina’s leg? Put the Blame on Mame, Boys

“Angelinasleg,” the Oscar meme inspired by how the paramour of Brad Pitt posed on the red carpet and vogued before presenting the adapted screenplay at the Academy Awards Monday night, is both puzzling and amusing. Puzzling because Rita Hayworth did it 65 years ago in Gilda (in the famous “Put the Blame on Mame” number) when it was  provocative instead of preening. Amusing because Oscar recipient Jim Rash, one of the trio collecting the statuette for The Descendants, parodied her on stage.

Who did it best? Jolie, Rash or Hayworth? Any other great Hollywood gams we should consider? I like Barbara Stanwyck’s  in The Lady Eve, when she uses her traffic-stopping limb to trip Henry Fonda.


  1. Debbie R. says:

    I’ve always liked Angelina Jolie. But I thought her Leg-Out (in combination with her emaciated look) came off as more desperate than clever.

  2. Joe says:

    To use a popular paraphrase, I’ve seen Rita Hayworth and, believe me, Angelina Jolie is no Rita Hayworth. Heck, she isn’t even Angelina Jolie anymore. A better comparison would be … Madonna.

  3. Nancy Colman says:

    AJ gets more freakish–as does Brad Pitt–with each passing year. Are they deliberately parodying themselves and their tabloid personas? As for Angelina’s anorexic-chic look, it is a sad comment on our culture when a woman with Auschwitz arms and cartoon lips and boobs thinks it is alluring and/or amusing to vamp for the cameras like some robotic Barbie doll. (At least Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz had the good sense to laugh at their little “booty call” joke, as tasteless as it was.) Rita Hayworth was a flesh-and-blood, smoldering beauty–not a calculating Stepford starlet. And as long as we’re citing stunning gams, how can we not acknowledge the traffic- stopping limb of the hitchhiking Claudette Colbert in IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT?

  4. Björn Flóki says:

    I almost, almost feel sorry for the amount of body image flak female celebrities get. But I suppose they signed up for this. I have a feeling Jolie is the body type that will always be skinny, and if she puts on weight it collects awkwardly in one place (I have one of those body types myself). She’s always been skinny (

  5. My wife usually doesn’t permit the screening of awards shows in our house (long story), something for which I’m at long last grateful. I did make an exception and watch this year’s Oscar broadcast with my daughter. Not so hot, but somewhat enjoyable. It’s true, however, that as some have said, the unfortunate plastic surgeries on parade all evening were unsettling. And I prefer Angelina Jolie acting than appearing as herself on awards shows. Curtis

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