POSTED January 11 2013

Female directors gain ground…slowly

Brenda Chapman, writer and co-director of "Brave"

Brenda Chapman, writer and co-director of “Brave”

Where women directors are concerned, a good news/bad news proposition.

The good: In the top-250 box office films of 2012, the percentage of female filmmakers is 9 per cent, the highest since 2000 when it was 11 per cent and nearly double last year’s 5 per cent.

The bad: The only female-directed film in the top 10 is Brave, the animated film written by Brenda Chapman, who was replaced at the helm midway through the project although she retained a co-director credit.

Here’s a piece I wrote about it for The New York Times.

Yes, I mention that in the dramatic competition at Sundance, half the filmmakers this year are women. That’s also good news. What needs to happen at the studio level in order for gatekeepers to greenlight more projects by women?


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  1. Miz Val says:

    Come On we know that Hollywood has always been al all white boys network since it began. Like everything else changes are turtle slow but headways are being made. You wanna make changes ? women need to change the way they do business in Hollywood Those women that are making the money need to make greater demands. Everyone of the female stars of a picture needs to demand more women on the set doing the same jobs men do. These industies have unions and those union members and leader need to speak up and demand studios hire a precentage of women. You want to be seen sometimes you have to make a little noise

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