POSTED May 27 2015

Mary Ellen Mark: The Empathic Eye

The arch M. Belushi by Mary Ellen Mark

The arch M. Belushi by Mary Ellen Mark

Mary Ellen Mark, the street photographer, empath and occasional catcher of celebrity souls, died Monday at the age of 75. She was equally deft at capturing the spirit of those on the fringes of the society as she was in getting those at the center of the red carpet:

My favorite among her celeb shots is the one she made of John Belushi on the set of The Blues Brothers, very deadpan, a perfect distillation of his sly humor.

Post your favorite Mark portrait and say what it means to you. Show all work.

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  1. Gary says:

    Mary Ellen Mark’s photos for AMERICAN HEART resonate with me. I love her film STREETWISE, and this was obviously a homage to that film/photo series.

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