In chronological order

February 12 2013
Kiss Me, Valentine: Best movie kiss?

February 9 2013
Billy Wilder, colorization and alternative life insurance

February 6 2013
If movies were drugs, what would you prescribe?

January 24 2013
Oscar snub club: Should there be Oscars for non-winners?

January 20 2013
How has screen brutalization of women escalated? Why?

January 18 2013
Who would you cast in the inevitable Lance Armstrong biopic?

January 17 2013
Where have the movies made you want to travel?

January 11 2013
Female directors gain ground…slowly

January 10 2013
Is the Oscar race Lincoln versus Silver Linings?

January 8 2013
Jobs for Janes: Intelligence Analysts

December 30 2012
New year’s resolutions of the auteurs

December 29 2012
Happy New Year: Post your favorite NYE clip