In chronological order

December 27 2012
Worst films of 2012? Your nominations please.

December 20 2012
Which films would you program for an end-of-the-world film fest?

December 17 2012
The private lives of public figures: Pubic lives

December 14 2012
Click-and-stick: What movie makes you stop channel-surfing?

December 11 2012
Where have all the standards gone? The Oscar shortlist of eligible songs, 2012

December 7 2012
Best films and performances of 2012

December 4 2012
Barbara Stanwyck, TCM star of the month

December 3 2012
Geena Davis, hero: “If she can see it, she can be it”

December 2 2012
Don’t miss: Awards-worthy The Sessions and Middle of Nowhere

November 28 2012
Would you choose Ben Affleck as entertainer of the year?

November 24 2012
In the realm of the senseless: What’s worse than Lilo as Liz?

November 20 2012
What’s cooking for Thanksgiving?