In chronological order

July 23 2012
Vito Russo, the HBO biopic

July 17 2012
“Dancing is a perpendicular expression of a horizontal desire”

July 10 2012
Steamy Summer Cinema…in the Catskills

July 9 2012
Woody Allen’s City Symphonies

July 2 2012
Matthew McConaughey, winner of the Paul Newman triathlon

June 26 2012
Nora Ephron: 1941-2012

Whose paw prints and hoofprints should be in the forecourt of Grauman’s?

June 22 2012
What movie always makes you laugh?

June 20 2012
Andrew Sarris, Auteur without Hauteur

June 18 2012
Susan Tyrrell, a character actress with character

June 13 2012
Tom Cruise, rocker of ages

June 8 2012
Charlize Theron, the burning cold of dry ice