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Elizabeth Olsen, Jane Fonda and Catherine Keener in "Peace, Love & Misunderstanding."
June 7 2012
Peace, Love and Misunderstanding Jane Fonda

June 4 2012
James Earl Jones to receive Marian Anderson Award

May 30 2012
Who’s the fairest Snow White of them all?

May 29 2012
Wes Anderson, Irritant or Enchanter?

May 25 2012
The wizardry of Frank Oz

May 24 2012
The mercurial Sacha Baron Cohen takes on Freddie Mercury?

May 22 2012
The Immortal Style Influence of Men in Black

May 16 2012
Shadow of a Doubt: My favorite Hitchcock

May 15 2012
Candid Cannes

May 13 2012
Mother’s Day Pick: Whip It!

May 9 2012
Vidal Sassoon, Mia Farrow and the Haircut That Changed Everything
Tim Burton and alter ego Johnny Depp
May 8 2012
Tim Burton and Johnny Depp: Fruitful Collaboration or Overripe Indulgence?