In chronological order

May 5 2012
Six Characters in Search of a Tesseract

May 2 2012
Alien or Aliens?

April 30 2012
Marlene Dietrich: How to Diva

April 29 2012
Jason Segel and The Rules of Engagement

April 24 2012
For Barbra Streisand on Her 70th Birthday

April 20 2012
The Mating Game: Think Like a Man and the Sports Metaphor

April 17 2012
Zac Efron: Will Nicholas Sparks Help the Tiger Beat-nik Graduate to Grownup Roles?

April 16 2012
The 10 Best Movies of All Time? What’s on Your List?

April 10 2012
Angelina, Charlize and Julia: The Three Ages of Women

April 6 2012
Damsels in Distress: Your Favorite Dance Craze?

April 5 2012
On Gregory Peck, “Mockingbird,” and the Presidential Imprimatur

April 4 2012
Every Sperm is Sacred…in Hollywood Movies