In chronological order

April 23 2014
Bardolatry! Which Shakespeare update would Himself love best?

April 18 2014
Christian Bale, Shape-Shifter

April 7 2014
Mickey Rooney 1920–2014

March 21 2014
Who’s on your all-star team of child actors?

March 11 2014
On the screen male protagonists outnumber female five to one

March 10 2014
Nora Ephron defines the difference between chickfick, dickflick & date flick

March 8 2014
Five Came Back: How World War II changed American filmmakers and American film

March 2 2014
Peril and longing binds this year’s Oscar-nomianted pics

February 28 2014
American Hustle, hair-as-metaphor, and hair acting

February 14 2014
Valentine’s movies better than roses and chocolate

February 11 2014
Shirley Temple Black 1928-2014

February 10 2014
Jules and Jim: Can a movie conceived for one generation speak to the next?