In chronological order

December 13 2013
Fire and Ice: Do Catching Fire and Frozen signify a climate change for female-drive narratives?

December 12 2013
Are these comedies? The Golden Globes say yes.

December 10 2013
Best movie opening sequence?

December 5 2013
Emma Thompson on The Nanny as Shane

November 23 2013
To preserve or facade-omize a historic theater?

November 21 2013
Growing up Huston: Anjelica Huston’s new memoir

November 11 2013
At the movies: Fewer women, More gun violence

November 8 2013
Casting Ouch: Day-Lewis in “Philadelphia”? Will Smith in “Matrix”?

November 6 2013
“Monuments Men” even more newsworthy

October 31 2013
Halloween treats

October 28 2013
Happy birthday, Edith Head

October 27 2013
David Thomson’s “Moments That Made the Movies”