In chronological order

October 8 2013
Visual Pleasure and Voodoo Demographics

September 30 2013
Philadelphia Film Festival at 22

September 19 2013
Whether 2-D or 3-D, There’s No Place Like Oz

September 1 2013
Celebrating Labor Day cinematically

August 19 2013
Lake Bell: Remodeling her career

August 15 2013
The Butler: Reconciling public face with the private one

August 12 2013
Two faces of Catherine Deneuve

August 7 2013
Future Tense: Elysium’s prophetic futurism

August 4 2013
Gal among guys: Pioneer director Alice Guy-Blache

August 1 2013
Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine: Judge the art, not the artist — right?

July 30 2013
Jack the Dripper: Jackson Pollock, the most cinematic of painters

July 25 2013
Much To-Do About Something: The To Do List and teen sex comedies