POSTED December 27 2013

The films of 2013: American hustlers and economic insecurity

Michael Fassbender threatens Chiwetel Ejiofor in 12 Years a Slave.

Michael Fassbender threatens Chiwetel Ejiofor in 12 Years a Slave.

For, a look back at American films of a year where the dominant themes were hustle and economic insecurity.

What’s your favorite movie of the year? Why? Favorite line of dialogue?

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  1. Disquiet about long-term economic and other types of security, exacerbated by so-called Affordable Care Act concerns and executive branch dissembling, are factors keeping me mostly away from the movies at the moment. I sit and worry and don’t want to be hectored on-screen, in People magazine, or on Page Six, about my personal shortcomings by the likes of George Clooney, Matt Damon, Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon, etc. Thank heaven weird little Ronan “Humorectomy” Farrow hasn’t yet acquired a film career. My favorite movie was Rush because the stars had personal chemistry and it was straightforward, unpretentious and exciting. I finally understood the appeal of Formula One racing. My favorite bit of dialogue was Daniel Bruhl’s short speech to Chris Hemsworth: “Do you think it upsets me, James? Calling me a rat because I look like one? I don’t mind it. Rats are ugly, sure, and nobody likes them, but they’re very intelligent and have a strong survival instinct.” Perfect words for these benighted times.

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