POSTED July 30 2015

Tom Cruise: A Star is Made

Tom Cruise, 1983 is calling.  (From The Outsiders.)

Tom Cruise, 1983 is calling. (From The Outsiders.)

As Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt is back in movie theaters with the fifth installment of the Mission: Impossible franchise, a look back at the first chapter in his career from from 1981 to 1983 with Taps and The Outsiders.

As I wrote in this piece for Grantland, with costars such as Tim Hutton and Sean Penn in Taps and with Matt Dillon, C. Thomas Howell and Ralph Macchio in Outsiders, I would have bet against Cruise sustaining a career that now spans 34 years. You?

I like him very much in Risky Business, All the Right Moves, Born on the Fourth of July and Jerry Maguire. And must admit that his performance in Rain Man grows on me, especially in the sequence with his father’s estate attorney. Still, I like to joke that young Tom Cruise dances to the oldies and middle-aged Tom Cruise runs so fast his jowls flap.

Your thoughts?


  1. He’s always pretty good, isn’t he, and often he’s just great. Jack Reacher, Oblivion, and Edge Of Tomorrow are three of our favorite films of recent years. He screwed up the Mission Impossible concept by converting the franchise into a one-character affair, but we’ll be seeing it tomorrow in IMAX, escaping the heat. Can’t wait.

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