In chronological order

March 9 2020
In a Lonely Place: Film noir as an opera of male fury

June 26 2016
Missing in action on the screen and behind the camera: Women

June 4 2016
Muhammad Ali’s screen legacy

May 14 2016
What’s love got to do with it?

April 25 2016
Prince’s lost concert movie, Sign o’ the Times

April 6 2016
Everybody Wants Some!! and Richard Linklater

March 31 2016
Visual pleasure and voodoo demographics

March 3 2016
Tina Fey, black comedy and WTF

February 19 2016
Jesse Owens and the obstacle race

February 12 2016
Let us now praise Elaine May

February 10 2016
Adaptations: Age of Innocence and directors who like a character better than its author does

Sometimes, it should be called the Academy Reward