POSTED January 10 2014

A sonnet for Amy Poehler and Tina Fey

Fey and Poehler…or should we call them Feyler?

Fey and Poehler…or should we call them Feyler?


How do I love them? Let me count the ways.

I love every eyebrow arch and smirk

Love how they spike the air balloons of jerks

Love them for their sass and their awkward grace.

Love them on the giant screen and the small….

(That’s as far as I’ve gotten. Can you supply the next three lines or the last six?)

Come Sunday night when they host the Golden Globes I hope they stroll out on stage respectively dressed as Jennifer Lawrence in American Hustle and Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games and train their crossbows at the audience, tickling it to life.

If their only achievements were Mean Girls and their impersonations of Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin, dayenu. But SNL, 30 Rock, Community, Date Night, Baby Mama….

They were so gracious and gagglingly funny as Golden Globe hosts last year that I’ve come to think of them as the spawn of an orgy among Lucy and Ethel and Bob and Bing.

Other Feyler fans here? Help me finish sonnet.



  1. Gerri George says:

    Purely love them any way at all

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