POSTED January 12 2016

David Bowie, incorporeal but tangible on screen

Bowie as Thomas Newton in The Man Who Fell to Earth

Bowie as Thomas Newton in The Man Who Fell to Earth

When I heard the news of Bowie’s passing, I realized that he had two distinct movie presences: One on the soundtrack, the other on the screen.

To quantify the importance of each, I compiled a playlist from the movies and how his music served the characters. And then I imagined how I would put together a clip reel of his films to better understand what he represented in the popular imagination.

And this is what I came up with.  Musically, he represented personal transformation. As an actor, he played characters off the time/space/sex continuum, with a sideline in sorcery and temptation. Can you think of better musicals cues or movie scenes?




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